Dance Party

Ballroom Dance Parties at Applause Dance Factory

Ballroom Dance Parties at Applause Dance Factory in Jackson, MS

Ballroom Dance Parties

Join us for the Fun at our Weekly Ballroom Dance Parties!


Every Friday night we host a ballroom dance parties for all our students.  Guests and the general public are also welcome.  The studio practice parties are the ideal place for a student to try out new dance steps.  You will have the opportunity to practice  your dancing with variety of partners as well as the instructors in a nightclub setting.

Not only is this an opportunity to use your dancing, it is also a part of your dance education.  It is here that you will learn what we call floor craft.  This is the ability to maneuver comfortably around a crowded dance floor with a partner. As your skill develops so will your confidence and soon you will feel comfortable in any social setting.

We play a mix of ballroom, Latin and swing music, provide soft drinks and snacks and have wonderful people to dance with.  The  cost of our ballroom dance parties is just $10.00 per person.

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