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Group Dance Classes at Applause Dance Factory

Group Dance Classes at Applause Dance Factory in Jackson, MS

Group Dance Classes

Group dance classes are designed to teach you how to dance from the waist down.  You will learn basic foot patterns, style, and the basic characteristics of the various dances.  Group dance classes will help you to develop better balance and body control.  They reduce the cost of learning to dance by teaching certain aspects of dancing to a group of students at one time.

Benefits of Group Dance Classes

Meet people – Great way to make new friends, enrich your social life, and meet someone special.

Balance – A person who can dance alone (in control and on their own balance) can dance lightly and easily with any partner.  There is no better way to develop balance than to move through the dance patterns without assistance.

Confidence – Students gain confidence when they see that they can perform the steps by themselves.

Variety of teachers – All instructors have their own personality, individual flair and manner of expressing themselves. Students can benefit greatly from different viewpoints.

Variety of partners – Students benefit from dancing with each other in class.  This will help prepare you for dancing in a variety of social settings.

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