Private Lesson

Private Dance Lessons at Applause Dance Factory

Private Dance Lessons at Applause Dance Factory in Ridgeland, MS

Private Dance Lessons!

A private dance lesson is just you and your teacher.  You will receive individual instruction to work with pattern combinations and flow of movement.  Your teacher will help you perfect and polish your dancing, teach you the fine points of leading and following; instill in you feeling for the music and help you to develop your own individual style and personal expression.  Private dance lessons are the best and fastest to learn how to dance.  

Benefits of Private Dance Lessons

Personalized – Learn what you want to learn.  No need to wait for a dance to come around on the group class schedule.
Scheduling – Learn when you want to.  Schedule your appointment times when it is convenient for you.
Fast Track – Learn at your own pace.  The fastest rate that you can learn.
Targeted – The lessons focus on your individual need, build on your strengths, and strengthen your weaknesses.
Partnering – Partnering is the art of dancing with another person as if you were one.  This dancing as one depends upon being able to feel what your partner is doing.  You will best learn how a lead should feel (as a leader of a follower) when dancing with a professional dancer.  The secrets of leading and following are best learned on an individual basis.

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