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A wedding is an extraordinary event that celebrates the union of two unique individuals for life. Because it is such a special occasion you want everything to be perfect. Don’t forget the first dance! The dance should look natural and comfortable. You will need instruction and practice to create this impression (Even Fred Astaire had to be taught how to dance). We specialize in making this important moment look elegant and natural. Bring your first dance music if you have chosen it. If not, we will help with song and dance selection and design a personalized dance with style and technique that will work beautifully with your song. The wedding dance is a symbol of your new beginning, as you take your 1st steps together as one.

In a short amount of time, our qualified instructors can help you learn a few basic steps. With a little more time we can choreograph the whole dance for you. Whether you want simple instruction or choreographed dances for the entire wedding party, we can do it all!


These are some of the most important elements in your wedding. Private Dance Lessons are a must for these very special dances! You just can’t get the individualized attention you need in a group dance class setting. Let us help you find an instructor to create something unique and special!

First Dance:

This is where the Bride and Groom dance for the first time as husband and wife.

Father Daughter Dance:

In many circles it is traditional for the bride and her father to have the first dance together, and either during that dance or shortly thereafter, the father relinquishes his daughter to her new husband.

Mother Son Dance:

The mother/son dance is an especially touching tradition and a wonderful way for the groom to honor his mom.

General Dancing:

Unlike the special wedding dances where one or two couples are in the spotlight, general dancing is where everyone is on the dance floor at the same time cutting loose and having fun. Although it is easier to hide on a crowded dance floor, many people, still find it very intimidating to dance in front of a crowd of people. Whether you dance exclusively with your date at the wedding reception or with a variety of partners, a few dance lessons before the big event will make you feel more comfortable and at ease.

Bride and Groom:

Once your comfortable with your spotlight dances, a few general dance lessons will prepare you for the variety of music you will hear at the reception.
Recommend: Private Lessons, Group Classes or Personalized Group Classes with Family Members:
Weddings bring family members together. If you get the family together over dance lessons, everyone will be more relaxed and comfortable at the reception.
Recommend: Group Classes or Personalized Group Class.Bridal party:
Arrange dance lessons for the bridal party. Especially if the bridesmaids don’t know the groomsmen. A comfortable and harmonious bond among the wedding party can only enhance your big day. You can really kick start the reception if the entire wedding party gets on the dance floor and encourages everyone to join in.
Recommend: Group Classes or Personalized Group Classes

The Guests:

If you will be attending a wedding, or any social event for that matter, dance lessons before the event will give you the confidence to get out on the dance floor and the skills to look and feel good as you dance the night away!
Recommend: Private Lessons, Group Classes or personalized group classes with friends.
Don’t hesitate! Make this special event one of happiness and joy for everyone involved. Call us now at (601) 856-6168 or email us at and let us help you create the wedding of your dreams.

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