Applause Testimonials, Comments, and Reviews

Testimonials, Comments, and Reviews


Jimmy Henderson

" When I started, I couldn't dance or play the violin. I still can't play the violin, but I can now dance the waltz, foxtrot, cha cha, tango, hustle and swing without stepping on women's feet, usually. Jim makes the lessons fun! But bring your own butter, his jokes are corny! The Friday Night Dance Party is the best for practicing what you learn with a cadre of supportive, fun people. Sign up today, and start developing your skills! "

Janet Mobley

" Great place to take dance lessons and the Friday night parties are awesome! "

Jake Hersey

I took lessons at this school for two years and can't wait to return for more lessons. The teachers know their stuff and are very friendly! "

Angie Calhoun

" This is a great place to learn to dance. Jim and the other instructors are very personable and knowledgeable. I really enjoy the Friday night dances. "

Ernest Gibson

" The instructors are very friendly and can teach(Ballroom and Country dancing) both socially and competitively. "

Valerie Hatcher

" We enjoy the dance lesson before the party & also selected music we dance to! We enjoy the fellowship with everyone & also the yearly cookouts! Teachers love what they do and it shows!!!! THANKS FOR THE HARD WORK!!! "

Neil & Katherine Mahrs

Erik Nazarenko

" Went here for wedding dance lessons and had a great experience with Jim. "

Emma B

" I really like this place. Several instructors cater to a variety of learning styles and dance goals, and on Friday nights it becomes one big, happy family. A lot of fun and a great place to learn. "

Southern Shade Gardener

" Instructors that know how to teach on your level whatever it may be. They make learning dance fun. No judgement just a good time. "

Jeanine O

" The lesson was very informative! The teacher is patient and kind and all level of instruction is available! My partner and I learned the basics to the East Coast Swing and want to learn more! I highly recommend Applause! "

Pepper Pepper

" So friendly! The Friday night class & dance party are a hit with my teenagers! "



Debra S

 " Show up for the group class of your choice ( the calendar is on their website) and get busy dancing. We had a ball! "

Spencer B

" Fun and attentive instructor "

Christian P

" Wear comfortable shoes 🙂 "

Saumya Goel

" great instructor!!! "

Melanie Alyssa Barksdale 

" I needed last minute dance lessons for me and my dad and me and my fiancé for my wedding, and Mr. Jim was amazing! He made learning the dances so simple, and they turned out so great on the wedding day! Absolutely a wonderful place to learn to dance! "

Trisha  R.  

" Excellent teaching! Makes it seem easy. "


" Had a wonderful time with a great instructor! Please take advantage of this opportunity! "

Diana Long 

" Lots of fun!! My fiancé and I enjoyed the small group setting, and we learned a basic waltz-type dance for our wedding! They were great to work with!!! "

Beverly  H.

" Good help "

Mavis  A.

" Awesome teacher, dancing is great for everybody!! "

Charles  E.

" Just listen to the instructions. It's never to late to learn something new. "

Paul  M.

" Highly recommend. Excellent instructor. "

Eden J.

" I had not heard of it until u saw the group on. A really fun date plus perfect for preparations for wedding dance! "

Jeff  M.

" Great first experience, looking forward to the next class! "

DeMarcus S.

" The dance teacher made the instructions simple and easy to follow. We learned how to dance for our wedding "

Katie Flood

" Jim at Applause has helped us tremendously - we have had three lessons and the whole experience has been wonderful - a lot of fun and we learned a lot about dance! "

Aleeta  M.

" Instructor is very personable and the classes done where anyone can attend at anytime. Great fun! "

Clay  R.

" It was lots of fun and provided good instruction. "

Frances B

" Excellent instructors! It's a fun place to be with other dancers. "

Aron Pickins

" Thank you for our lesson in dance. My wife and I both enjoyed learning the Cha Cha and the Swing. We both look forward to continuing classes with you. "

Carolyn H.

" thank you for working with our group-we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and plan to return "


" We went to Applause with 7 other couples who were friends. Jim, the instructor, was very helpful and patient with us all. We had a great time while learning some Swing dance moves "


" Thank you so very much for your fabulous support of Dance with the Stars and Mississippi Opera! You're the best! "


" Start learning to dance when you're young!  You'll be glad you did because it comes in handy when you're at a wedding, on a cruise, or club.  Applause is an easy-going studio, and Jim and Tatiana are both excellent instructors.  You'll have fun while you learn, and they teach it all. "

Paula G.

" lots of fun!! "

Leisa D. 

" I love that it is small groups - not intimidating. Instructor is a very good teacher! "

Charles Jackson

" Dear Jim, Thank you for your time and effort in my choreography. It's been fun! "

Donald B.

" Great instructor, fun class "

Terri H

" We really enjoy Jim's Friday night group lesson. He is a great instructor. "

Brenda E 

" Instructors are knowledgeable and patient with beginners. "

Steven R

" Jim Frechette is an excellent teacher who has the experience, and patience to work with students who are at various skill levels. If you are willing to learn he is quite able to help you go to the next level, and enhance your dance skills. "

Sabrina Waltman

" My boyfriend and I are really enjoying the Friday night
classes and the private tango lessons with Tatiana are perfect! She is
an excellent instructor! "


" Wow...many many thanks to all! Y'all were awesome!!! Kelley "

Jeanine & Richard Knight

" Once again it was a pleasure to have you and your students perform for Saturday Night Ballroom. Our audience was thoroughly entertained watching your rumba with Rebecca and your cha cha with Shirley. We certainly appreciate your dedication to the art of dance. "

LaShonay Mays

" I really want to join this class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "


" Dear Jim, Thank you so very much for helping us organize our first ever Dancing fundraiser. You have been an ENORMOUS help - especially dancing with TWO celebrities. I hope you will participate again next year. We can't thank you enough. "


" Dear Tatiana, Thank yo so much for your DOUBLE time work for our fund-raiser. I hope you enjoyed yourself and will participate again next year. You are an absolute delight to work with, and we can't possibly thank you enough. "


" My boyfriend and I are really enjoying the Friday night classes and the private tango lessons with Tatiana are perfect! She is an excellent instructor!  "

Stephanie Baskin

" I've really enjoyed all the classes I have attended, I try to drag my friends with me but, they just don't seem to understand how much fun I'm having dancing with y'all!!!

Ashley Nelson

" Hey! I used to go there! I miss it terribly! I wish I could come back! Y'all have AMAZING lessons! I enjoy Hip Hop! Tell Thomas I said hello! ... Thanks so much! Bye !!  Ashley "

Jo Kersh

" Hey Jim, It took a Hurricane to keep me from getting to my Dance Lesson "


" I had a great time last night.  It was the best lesson ever!  I can't wait until next week. "

Lane Barry

" Dear Jim and Valerie,

     I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your performances at Saturday Night Ballroom.  Bobbie’s number was just charming and the Bolero was out of this WORLD!!!!

    Thank you both for driving all the way to BR to strut your stuff!!!! We love it!!!  Please keep coming!!  Lane Barry "


" you need to have big band classes.  Reply:  We do.  The dances most commonly done to Big Band music are Foxtrot, Waltz and Swing/Jitterbug/Lindy.  These dances are included in our regular class schedule. "

Jo Kersh

" Your lessons are fantastic! "

Georgia Loe

" I started to leave a half an hour ago and I'm still here.  I'm having so much fun.  I don't want to go! (comment made at a Friday Night Party) "


" Jim is a terrific dancer and very patient! I met him at The Forum at a Tuesday night dance party. Great fun! "


" You've done SO much for me. You've done the impossible by teaching me to dance! You've given me my spirit back. You've helped me to laugh and smile again. You've also given me my music back. I'll miss your smile, your laugh, your unexpected twirling, spinning and dipping me on the dance floor. Thanks for everything. "

Jo Kersh

" You surely have added years to my life by teaching me to dance so well and as you know my balance has improved considerably over the years. "


" I'm writing to thank you for all the dances I was lucky enough to get with you when I was in town last. I very much enjoyed the experience and have been inspired enough to find a studio here in Asheville so that I will, hopefully, be a better dancer by my next trip to Mississippi. Thanks again for your time. I look forward to seeing you again in the fall. "


" The performance by the Applause Dance Factory was delightful. Thank you for sharing your gift with the community. "


" Valerie & Jim,  The two of you are so awesome!! There were so many people who told us that y'all had the best performances they've ever seen!! We'd LOVE to have you come back and delight us with your dancing. Thanks for coming this weekend. "

Bobbie Smith

" (Jim Frechette & Margaret Scola) That was a great and "Sexy" Latin Medley Exhibition you performed for us at the Magnolia Dance. From the amount of applause, the members and guests enjoyed it very much. Thanks for the "treat". We look forward to another one! "

Debbie Williams

" Thank you both (Jim Frechette & Kim Keyes) so much for the Theater Arts Tango performance at the Magnolia Dance. I know you both worked hard on this routine, particularly the lifts. Your efforts certainly paid off because the crowd enjoyed your Tango. Perhaps you both can perform again at a future date. "


" We want to thank you for helping with Latin America Day. You did great helping the dancers. I think that dance was good. I hope you help the six graders next year. Thank you for everything you've done. "


" We would like to take the opportunity to say "Thank You" for coming out to our t.v. taping of "The 50's" Tuesday night. We enjoyed meeting each one of you and your dancing was so entertaining. Again, thank you and we would love to have you again - preferably as regulars. "


" I Don't think Metro center will ever be quite the same - Thank you so much for your contribution to last Sunday's Arthritis Foundation Telethon. You all were great! We reached our goal and because of people like you, we went over the top! Again, Thanks for spending the day with us. I look forward to working with you next year. "


" We would like to thank you for the Dance Lessons donated for our auction at Wild Pursuit...for the Cure 2003. Thank you for caring enough to share your resources with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. "

Tammie Pittman

" Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement you sent. It was lovely I also want to thank you for the benefit dance for Doug. It was a very thoughtful and caring gesture on your part. "

Debbie Williams

" The Exhibition done by Jimmie McGuffie, Bill Anderson and Jim Frechette was wonderful. I believe the Foxtrot/West Coast Swing received more APPLAUSE than ANY in the past year. The three of you seem to be having a lot of fun and you really got the AUDIENCE involved. Thanks again for a Great Performance. "


" I am writing to let you know that our First Annual Dogs and Dinners Fundraiser was a big success! Thank you so much for bringing your dance team out to entertain at the event. You and the girls did a great job and everyone enjoyed the performance. "

Program Committee

" What a wonderful treat the dancers were at our kickoff event before our World War II Smithsonian Exhibit! Thanks for adding so much to our evening! "


" The "Heartstrings" Gala was a real success I really appreciate your willingness to donate dance lessons to our Silent Auction. Thank you for your generous gift. "