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Burn The Floor Hurricane Dance Refugees hosted at Applause Studio

Applause Dance Factory Is Playing Host to Burn The Floor Hurricane Irma Dance Refugees!

Burn The Floor at Applause Dance Factory in Ridgeland MS
Burn The Floor at Applause Dance Factory in Ridgeland MS

Burn The Floor

Burn The Floor is the ultimate high-voltage theatrical dance experience.  Ballroom dancing for the new millennium. It is sweaty, sultry, and raw.  The show explodes with jaw-dropping choreography, heart-pounding music and breath-taking moves.  The experience ranges from seriously sexy to irresistibly charming.  This talented ensemble of dancers will have you leaping out of your seat.  See traditional dances such as the Viennese Waltz and Foxtrot like you’ve never seen them before.  Revel in the sheer energy of the Cha Cha, the Samba, and Jive.

Hurricane Irma Evacuation

The Burn the Floor dance team in Tampa, Florida, has been rehearsing for a six month tour aboard the Norwegian Cruise ship, the Jewel.  Norwegian Cruise Line took extra safety precautions in the face of hurricane Irma and evacuated the dance troupe well ahead of the coming storm.  The dancers left Tampa in a convoy of cars and vans, eight hours ahead of the hurricane, heading toward Jackson Mississippi.  They arrived sixteen hours long hours later to their hotel in Flowood, just outside city.

Rehearsals Are Always A Priority

With everyone safely out of Florida, the realization hits that there is nowhere to rehearse for the show.  This is where I enter the story.  After returning from the monthly Magnolia dance on Saturday, I check my email which I haven’t checked since early that morning.  What I find is an email entitled Room rental.  My first thought was that I had missed something important earlier in the day.  Then I noticed that the email came in at 10:36, only five minutes before.  So I immediately called Victoria Martin, Dance Captain of Burn The Floor.

Hosting Burn The Floor At Applause

I informed Victoria that we did have space and time available for the dance team.  So she passed my number on to Nic Notley, Executive Producer of Burn The Floor who called me the following morning.  I meet Nic, Peta Roby and the team at the Applause Dance Factory at 11:00 AM Sunday morning.  After a brief orientation of the sound systems and air conditioning the dancers went straight to work.  This is when I found out that just their warm up is forty  five minutes long and that they would be rehearsing for seven hours that day.

I would have loved to stay and watch them dance all day, but I had to drive to Vicksburg to teach dance classes at the Southern Heritage Cultural Center.  So I turned the studio over to Nic, Peta, and the Burn The Floor dance team.  I just knew I was leaving the studio in good hands.

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