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Private Group Dance Classes

Private Group Dance Classes at Applause Dance Factory Ridgeland MS

Private Group Dance Classes

Private group dance classes are a cross between private dance lessons and group dance classes.  You come with your own group of friends, family, colleagues, or whoever comprises your group.  Also, you can schedule private groups at a time that is convenient for you.  Like private lessons, you can choose what dance or dances your group wants to learn.

How Group Dance Classes Work

Group dance classes are designed to teach you how to dance from the waist down.  You will learn basic foot patterns, style, and the basic characteristics of the various dances.  Group dance classes will help you to develop better balance and body control. They reduce the cost of learning to dance by teaching certain aspects of dancing to a group of students at one time.

Benefits of Private Group Dance Classes

Socialized – Your own social group with similar dance interests and goals learning to dance together.
Personalized – Learn what you want to learn.  Your group is can decide what dances to learn.
Scheduling – Learn when you want to.  Schedule your appointment times when it is convenient for you.

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